Reduce Oracle Support Costs

Remend uncovers savings opportunities by analyzing Oracle software support payments in a complementary service that delivers a compelling report.

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You Can Save Money On Oracle

Oracle makes good software, but its core business is annual software support collections. Remend Software Support Analysis works to loosen Oracle’s grip on your money by analyzing the discounts of annual payments in a confidential service separate from license compliance.

Remend Software Support Analysis Delivers the Following Value

Organize Software Agreements

Find and categorize all licensed and supported Oracle software.

Expose Poor Discounts

Find poorly priced software support among license agreements.

Target Savings Opportunities

Assess which contracts and software products could be saved on.

Consider Steps to Save

Discuss which Remend services offer the highest value.

Oracle’s Lock-in Policies Are Wasting Your Money

Remend Software Support Analysis exposes the effect of Oracle’s lock-in policies, product bundling and unbundling, inflationary adjustments, acquisition strategy, etc. Over time, what you are spending on Oracle becomes frustratingly disconnected from the value received.

Remend Delivers Value by Executing the Following Steps

Attain a record of all licensing and the associated support pricing at line item detail.

Assess discounting by reverse-engineering support pricing into modern price lists.

Categorize costs into products, metrics, support identifiers (CSIs), and long-term total cost.

Report on savings opportunities independent of license compliance.

Let Remend Help

When combined with Remend’s other services, Software Support Analysis enables customers to make short, medium, and long-term cost reduction plans. Software Support Analysis is particularly effective as a strategy to reorganize capital budgets to lower, not increase, long-term costs. Remend’s Software Support Analysis is the first step towards saving money on perennial Oracle software support fees.