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Analyzing Your Oracle Agreement

Do you wonder if you have the right Oracle licensing agreement?

Remend offers the Snapshot Analysis, a free data-driven analysis, that simplifies decision-making and removes the confusion and uncertainty associated with Oracle licensing and traditional support. We’ll help you analyze what you are paying for and the value you are getting from that agreement. You will also discover what is missing in your agreement to make your business successful.

Gain control of your situation by answering the questions below. If you answer “No” to any of them, contact us today for your free Snapshot Analysis.

Key Questions to Ask:

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Is the annual support we’re paying for worthwhile? If it isn’t, then what alternatives do we have?

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Are the licensed products, metrics and quantities optimized for our business?

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What strategies can we employ to lessen compliance risks and related unexpected expenses?

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What methods can we use to enhance our bargaining power for additional purchases?

Take Control and Make Value-Based Decisions

Remend has mastered the technical, contractual and policy-driven concepts required to save money on Oracle.

Our Advisory Services Overview will give you a snapshot of how we can help you achieve cost savings.

Reduce Oracle Annual Support Fees with Remend Oracle Advisory Services

Did you know this about Oracle?

It’s easy to feel like Oracle is taking advantage of you and your business, and you aren’t wrong. Oracle has a major advantage over you and knows how to utilize that to get the most out of each contract and service agreement.

The following demonstrates the imbalance of value from Oracle Support:

Facts & Figures about Oracle Services

Oracle’s profit margin for on-premise software support is over 90%.

Average customer patches less than 1/3 of their environment.

Oracle doubled its annual support adjustment from 4% to 8%.

Oracle policies require payments on unused, end-of-life & poorly discounted software.

Optional programs (Support Rewards & ULAs) will further obligate payments for decades.


Examples of HUGE cost savings that we have won for our customers:


Diversture Strategy

Remend reduced a client's support fees from $10M to $7M via a divestiture strategy.


Self-Support Strategy

Remend was able to cancel $6M of annual support fees via self-support strategy and expert planning.


Capital Reinvestment Strategy

Remend reduced a client's support fees from $3.9M to $1.1M via a capital reinvestment strategy.

Remend is here to help!

Remend is a full-service advisory firm that helps you find the best solutions to fit your technology needs.