Cloud Migration

Remend helps companies define and optimize their cloud strategy and its impact on legacy vendors like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.

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Remend Helps You Plan for The Cloud on Your Terms

Enterprise software publishers have big plans for your on-premise workloads: to increase their profits by moving you into their clouds, cementing you even deeper into their offerings. If you are using Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, transitioning to one or more of their cloud services is inevitable. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to sacrifice flexibility and negotiating leverage.

Moving to the next level of maturity begins by knowing where you are. Remend helps you develop a thorough understanding of current infrastructure, including software licensing and the applicable legacy terms. This baseline sets the stage in selecting the right cloud service model (i.e., IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), configuration and tools to put you in motion.

Remend Cloud Migration Planning Delivers

Let go of the Past

Retire legacy systems along with their operational costs and security concerns.

Operate Independently

Deflate the publisher’s aggressive and/or misleading cloud marketing pressures.

Develop Viable Alternatives

Introduce competing cloud solutions as negotiation leverage.

Understand Trends

Compare and contrast your plans with broader industry activity.

Helping You Preserve Good Investments

In reality, there are few opportunities for major publishers to sell new offerings, especially when the existing solutions work well. Indeed, publishers may seek to protect legacy revenue when optimized services may erode income and create new competitive pressures: ah, the innovator’s dilemma. Remember that enterprise software publishers believe they can double or even triple revenue through subscription-based services while eliminating the costs to support end of life software.

Remend Takes the Following Steps

Interrogate (pre)existing costs and use to expose financial waste.

Scope and price competitive cloud solutions as viable alternatives.

Engage implementers and managed services to assess fully burdened costs.

Ink subscription-based contracts and terminate legacy on-premise agreements.

Let Remend Help

The cloud is inevitable; in fact, most companies are using cloud services to some extent and, without planning and oversight, accidental cloud architecture can blossom in the organization. Remend assists at multiple levels: cloud first, modernizing your data center(s), going hybrid, or simply defending your existing position under the onslaught of publisher sales pressures. Know where you are. Plan where you go. Protect your bottom line. Remend.