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Reducing Oracle Cost IS Possible

02nd Sep 2020

A door-to-door marketer once stopped by my house, claiming he could cut our cable bill in half. I swung the door shut on him after being asked “What part of saving money do you not like?”

Perhaps I did not mind overspending given the time, effort, and inconvenience of making the switch. Maybe I didn’t believe the savings would materialize as presented or the new service would be as good. It could be that I was lazy or simply didn’t like the salesperson. Worse yet, it could be that I preferred to continue overspending than defend why I had wasted so much up to that point.

In our market, we see hesitancy to reduce Oracle cost all the time

Companies are presented with a value proposition that suggests (if not proves) they are wasting money. I am not talking about cost avoidance, i.e., a better deal on a prospective purchase. No, I’m talking about Oracle cost reduction on long-standing legacy costs that have become disconnected from their original purpose and the pricing is no longer defensible.

Around Oracle, an entirely different reason not to save money emerges: Oracle has said NO for so long that we have given up on trying.

Add to this the fear of retribution given Oracle’s reputation as an aggressive compliance auditor precedes it. The thought is that if we do save money on Oracle, then it will simply devise a way to make up for it in spades, perhaps through manipulative or coercive means. It’s a “feed the beast” approach to vendor management we like to say.

Oracle has non-contractual policies that are set up to prohibit savings, even on software that is unused, end-of-life, and poorly discounted. To carry the opening metaphor further, modern cable, cell, and streaming plans market as “no contract” to combat the fear of being locked into a specific provider. Oracle makes no such concession within its annual software support business. That, or it prices subscriptions in a pay-as-you-go manner that not committing long-term is prohibitively expensive.

But things have changed!

Reducing Oracle cost *IS* possible – now more than ever

Remend’s analytics platform, combined with our battle-hardened expertise and connection to the right people within both Oracle and the industry, can result in hard-dollar savings.

Got Oracle cost? We got solutions.

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