Third-Party Support for Oracle

Remend helps organizations decide whether third-party support & maintenance from Rimini Street, Spinnaker Support, Support Revolution, and others is the right choice for Oracle software support.

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Keep or Cancel Oracle Support?

Third-party support providers suggest that annual software support payments are double what they should be. While cutting annual fees in half or more is financially compelling, organizations must assess this value proposition independent of both Oracle and the third-party providers.

Remend empowers everyone in an organization with unequivocal evidence that eliminates anecdotal or emotional appeals to continue paying Oracle software support forever.

Remend Third-Party Support Includes

Interrogate Renewal Pricing

Expose financial waste among long-standing support agreements.

Determine Optimal Fees

Apply market-leading discounts to legacy entitlements.

Target Savings Opportunities

Assess which contracts and software products may be cancelled.

Execute Third-party Agreement

Approach the market as an educated buyer of support services.

Are You Prepared?

Oracle Support Fee Increases

Oracle is increasing annual software support fees by 8 percent. This is more than double the long-standing increases you may be used to.

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Support Service Utilization

Remend bridges the gap between support payments and operational behavior to report on how support services are being utilized. This gap is filled by collecting and analyzing the version, update, and patch history for Oracle software. This is vital for databases given Oracle’s contention that only it can protect companies against data breaches, hacks, viruses, and cyberthreats.

Remend collects service request history to assess how often customers are accessing My Oracle Support and at what severity level. Remend also categorizes software versions by support status to expose old or aging software that is, or soon will be, end of life and unsupported by Oracle.

Step-by-Step Process

Analyze discovery data collected from scripts and asset management agents.

Categorize installs by status, including Premier, Limited, Extended, and Sustaining.

Discover which, when, and where patches and updates have been applied.

Analyze how often, why, and at what severity your technicians are accessing support.

Interview stakeholders to integrate short, medium, and long-term planning and priorities.

Let Remend Help

When combined with our other services, Third-Party Support Readiness quantifies the value of current annual Oracle support payments and then considers how third-party support may fit within an overarching plan to reduce Oracle cost and mitigate audit risk.