Oracle Update and Patch Archival Planning

Remend advises on updates and patches by analyzing operational trends, service request history, upgrade timing and business goals.

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Plan for Your Future Not Oracle’s

Creating an archive of Oracle software and patch updates can offer numerous benefits. First and foremost, the mere act of assessing and archiving updates and patches delineates perceived versus real business risk associated with security, among other operational concerns. This, in turn, brings clarity to the value of Oracle Support.

Not all systems get updated or replaced at the same pace. In fact, the most critical infrastructure or specialized environments are often best served by standardizing on stable releases of software for years or even decades.

Remend Archival Planning Delivers the Following Value

Update with Intelligence

Reconsider your current patching strategy.

Reduce Leverage by Oracle

Alleviate the concern of not having access to support services.

Prepare for the Future

Map the next several years of update and patch activity.

Focus on Business Outcomes

Use recovered time for activities that add value.

Bringing Science to Operational Concerns

Many of our customers conclude that it is not necessarily best practice to continually upgrade and patch their Oracle software. In fact, most customers are unable to keep pace with quarterly patches. Under the best of circumstances, IT organizations leave most of their Oracle software on aging versions and patch levels due to time constraints.

Remend Delivers Archival Planning by Executing the Following Steps:

Gather technical data that includes the update and patching history of Oracle software.

Create reports that graphically demonstrate when and how often updates are applied.

Create a list of available and commonly-applied patches based on platforms, entitlement and timing.

Enable customers to download and categorize updates and patches into an onsite archive.

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