About Remend

Companies using Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and other enterprise software and services need a vendor-independent advocate. Remend is here to help!

Who is Remend?

Remend is an independent advisory firm that partners with enterprise and mid-market executives to cut technology costs. Based on decades of experience, Remend executes data-driven, creative and aggressive cost-reduction strategies for Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, IBM and tier-two publishers.

Ed Tybursky

For more than two decades, Ed has been relentlessly optimizing costs and implementing personalized IT strategies for his clients to reduce the cost of enterprise IT and software support. As a software and web engineer, Ed can see through the nuances of contracts and service agreements to find the most conducive solution for each client’s business situation. He is on the side of his clients, not the enterprise software firm, and will fight for them to receive the most value and service delivery from each software publisher.Ed Tybursky, Co-Founder of Remend.https://www.remend.com/

Ed understands the information technologies solutions and telecommunications landscapes having worked at 8×8, Wells Fargo, GoAhead Solutions and Lucent Technologies. In these organizations, he was responsible for developing and delivering high-impact IT and cloud solutions across multiple lines of business and leading successful migrations to top-tier clients. It’s in these roles that his negotiation, planning and project management capabilities saved each company millions of dollars.

Ed is a fierce advocate for his clients in helping them control their budgets by negotiating the best Oracle solutions and service agreements while also guiding them through the audit process.

Eric Guyer

Eric Guyer

Eric’s experience in enterprise software and services began as a pre-sales engineer at Oracle. After various technical and business development positions at Oracle, Eric moved into direct sales positions, including remote database administration, enterprise channel management, and enterprise hardware and software. Eric transitioned from sales to consulting by developing and delivering an advisory service at a multinational hardware reseller, where he also carried a margin attainment goal for Oracle software. Eric then honed his skills by closing enterprise software and services agreements as a third-party negotiator.

Prior to founding Remend, Eric served as the practice lead for Oracle advisory services at a multinational software reseller. Eric enjoys listening to Audible books while running trails in the San Gabriel mountains.


Curtis Browne

Curtis has been dedicated to recommending, building, and producing right-sized licensing solutions, specializing in Microsoft, with customers for more than two decades.

Curtis Browne

With a background in software development and technology, Curtis employs problem solving, analytical depth, and creative approaches in ways that cut through the marketing and selling noise often encountered in software evaluation, acquisition and contract negotiations. Leveraging in-depth experience on both the sell and buy side of the table, he approaches the customer-publisher relationship pragmatically while always advocating and driving for the most value to the customer.

Curtis works from a mindset that a solution means nothing if it cannot be conveyed, absorbed, and acted upon by the people he works with. His unique blend of technical, analytical, and people skills enable him to understand and communicate how Microsoft licensing applies to the technology landscape while explaining concepts and details in ways that land with people at varying levels of the organization.

Though Software Asset Management (SAM) is a key facet of Curtis’s work, with a “no surprises” mentality in compliance and budgeting, software optimization is his focus and passion. His work to save millions of dollars from going to publishers has meant, to him, that his customers are able to invest more in people and the products and services they provide.

What Makes Remend Distinctive

Remend knows what enterprise publishers will—and will not—do to win and keep a customer. Scientific business cases—not emotional appeals—compel publishers to meet a customer’s demands. Concessions on commercial and contractual terms are the result of long-standing policies and procedures. If you are not operating with this knowledge, then you will leave money and long-term flexibility on the table.

Remend integrates what its customers should—and should not—do to acquire software and services based on their risk tolerance, executive will, and aggressive posturing. We often remind our customers they can always execute a sub-optimized offer, but under our guidance and with fortitude, let it expire as a step towards something better. And while the phrase art of the possible may seem mere anecdote, Remend finds most customers simply do not understand what is reasonable to demand.

Remend knows how to balance a publisher's willingness with a customer’s determination to execute agreements that align value to cost. This alignment must be equitably struck to maintain long-term health between the customer and what is often its most important publisher partnership.

What Our Customers Say

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It is a tremendous luxury to never have to speak with Oracle again.

Author Image - Tony Chun

Tony Chun

Director IT

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Remend has been instrumental in creating a well-documented, understandable, and rationalized Oracle licensing portfolio.

Provider of background check solutions


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Remend put our executive sponsor at ease knowing the Oracle analysis is done properly. We learned a lot in the process.

Provider of lab materials, technologies and services

Manager of Database Services