About Remend

Companies using Oracle software and services need a vendor-independent advocate. Remend is here to help!

Why Choose Remend?

Remend delivers market-leading terms to its customers by knowing the math and fearlessly pursuing the art of the possible. Our principles have over 50 years of combined experience in the Oracle and IT market overall. Meet our founder, Ed Tybursky.

What Makes Remend Distinctive

First, Remend knows what Oracle will—and will not—do to win and keep a customer. Scientific business cases—not emotional appeals—compel Oracle to meet a customer’s demands. Concessions on commercial and contractual terms are the result of long-standing policies and procedures within Oracle. If you are not operating with this knowledge, then you will leave money and long-term flexibility on the table.

Second, Remend integrates what its customers should—and should not—do to acquire software and services based on their risk tolerance, executive will, and aggressive posturing. We often remind our customers they can always execute a sub-optimized offer, but under our guidance and with fortitude, let it expire as a step towards something better. And while the phrase art of the possible may seem mere anecdote, Remend finds most customers simply do not understand what is reasonable to demand.

Finally, Remend knows how to balance Oracle’s willingness with a customer’s determination to execute agreements that align value to cost. This alignment must be equitably struck to maintain long-term health between the customer and what is often its most important publisher partnership.