Microsoft Advisory Services

Reduce costs and optimize Microsoft licensing and support

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Independent Advisory Support

Remend helps organizations align their dynamic needs with Microsoft’s ever-changing software offerings, licensing rules and policies. Our services unravel the complexity and cost of managing Microsoft software for end users and data center services.

Microsoft Services and Solutions

Procurement Framework

Negotiate the right SKUs, quantities, services, and pricing.

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Implement the best SAM tool for your unique needs.

Audit Advisory

Control the outcome of a Microsoft audit.

Managed Service

Integrate our expertise into long-term management, planning, and budgeting.

M&A Integration Planning

Ensure that customers migrate to the cloud in the most cost-efficient method.

Analyzing Your Microsoft Agreement

If you answer “No” to any of the questions below, contact us today. We’ll conduct a free data-driven review, the Snapshot Analysis, of your assigned subscriptions, license agreements and support channels with Microsoft. Then, we’ll help you evaluate what you’ve purchased compared to what you’re currently using, and discover anything missing in your portfolio.

Through this process, we can discover the likely outcomes of optimizing your Microsoft licensing and support to maximize efficiency and savings.

Key Questions to Ask:

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Are we getting the most out of our Microsoft 365 subscriptions?

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Is our purchasing method the most flexible and cost-effective available to us?

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Can we impact our spend in the middle of a multi-year contract?

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Does the support we’re paying for make sense, and are there alternatives?

Maximize Your ROI

Remend’s Snapshot Analysis identifies issues with your Microsoft licensing, contracts and support using readily available reports. We will help you develop an action plan that enables you to access what you have, what you need and how to get there quickly without deploying expensive software asset management tools and platforms.

Download our Microsoft Advisory Services Overview to learn more.

Remend Microsoft Advisory Services Overview

Did you know this about Microsoft?

The following demonstrates Microsoft’s scope and subscription creep. Let these factoids sink in and then call Remend to see what we can do to maximize your licensing.

Facts & Figures about Microsoft Services

10% of Microsoft 365 subscriptions are inaccurately licensed and can be reduced.

AI per-user and Azure-based solutions can double the existing per-person spend.

Obtaining audit compliance threshold (5%) is difficult because of SKU consolidation, while also leaving technology unused.

Nearly all customers are using desktop, server, cloud or subscriptions from Microsoft

90% of issues can be solved by (significantly) less expensive support providers.


These are a few examples of the savings that customers have realized by using Remend’s services:


Reduced Spend

Eliminated $1M in Windows Server spend by changing editions and using new rules.


Audit Advisory

Avoided $350k in audit by challenging and correcting auditor in licensing application.


Product Support Strategy

Saved $400k in Microsoft 365 subscription reservation through a product change.

Remend is here to help!

Many companies forego managing their Microsoft license position and then have to scramble in responding to a formal audit request. Remend works with their clients to reduce the burden of an audit, allowing their clients to focus on their business outcomes instead of software asset management.