License Audit Defense

Customers win license audits with Remend. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just received the dreaded notice or are already falling prey to the financial leverage of an outsized shortfall.

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License Audits Are Inevitable

First and foremost, knowing that audits are simply part of the sales process, you can be calm, keep things measured, and avoid providing information that could negatively impact you later. Responding to an enterprise software audit from major vendors like Oracle, Microsoft or SAP necessitates a nuanced approach.

Remend works with customers as part of a cross-functional team to include IT, procurement, legal and executive leaders. Given the intricacies of enterprise software metrics, especially in virtualized and cloud environments, Remend helps customers proceed with confidence, understand their rights and call out vendors when commercial demands do not align with value.

Remend Audit Defense Delivers

Defensible Positions

Have your own licensing application and rules interpretations in order to effectively defend a position.

Pay for Value

Come to terms with license shortfalls that are legitimate and assess their commercial value.

Engage On Your Terms

Create an outcome strategy, plan the steps, and lead the publisher to your desired outcome.

Stand Your Ground

Push on the publisher even during nerve-wracking escalations.

Transform your License Audits to Your Advantage!

Remend’s extensive interactions with publishers has proven to us that audits are neither mysterious nor worthy of fear when properly managed. In fact, it is possible to turn the tables and use the audit process to optimize total cost of ownership.

What We Do

Create an understandable license report by measuring your usage against licensing.

Assess a shortfall within the context of your longer-term goals and future-forward needs.

Create a negotiation strategy that integrates your terms, timing, and business goals.

Engage the auditing entity with and through you to advance the desired outcome.

Let Remend Help

Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and other strategic providers know that companies are conflict-averse and don’t have on-staff deep expertise in licensing. This gives them leverage in sales motions to increase license counts and transition to new contracts: just another trick for overcharging the customer. Know your rights. Be confident. Avoid surprises. Remend.