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Confidently offer Oracle license advisory and audit defense services to your customers by partnering with Remend!

Remend combines technical, licensing, and audit defense expertise with experience in Oracle’s partner community to optimize your customers’ license and support costs.

Systems integrators, managed services, and hosting providers are often compelled by their customers to provide licensing advice. Tempting as it may be to include such services for free as part of your services, few are well-versed enough to take on the associated financial risk Oracle licensing and audits represent.

We have good news for you! Remend actually delivers in the background for companies like yourself.

Virtualization Benefits

You are the ideal Remend partner if you:

  1. Are not interested in taking on the associated risks of Oracle audit defense
  2. Want to maintain a positive relationship with Oracle by staying out of potentially contentious negotiations
  3. Want to maintain visibility into your customers’ license, support, and subscription requirements


We are pleased to be white-labeled under your brand or operate via referral with flexible pricing and terms that will increase your profits.

Partnered with Remend, you can offer a comprehensive set of services, making you the one-stop-shop for all things Oracle!


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