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Remend combines technical, licensing, and audit defense expertise with experience in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) to optimize you and your customers’ license, support, and subscription costs.

Protect Your Customers From Oracle

Remend enables the following types of companies to protect themselves and their eco-systems from Oracle’s infamously aggressive business practices:

  • Systems Integrators
  • Managed Services Providers
  • Hosting Companies
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Independent Software Vendors
  • Oracle Partners and Resellers

Most organizations have a vested interest in saving their customers, partners, and portfolio companies money on IT costs. The problem is they either do not have the expertise or are hesitant to work against Oracle, whose partnership tempts cooperation.

Or perhaps you seek to partner with Oracle via a distribution agreement, whereby you sublicense and support Oracle software within your customer-facing on-premise or SaaS solutions.

How Remend Helps

Remend combines technical, licensing, and audit defense expertise with experience in Oracle’s partner community to optimize you and your customers’ license and support costs. Remend’s independence ensures your and your customer’s best interests are served.

Remend Is Your Ideal Partner If You

  • Do not have the experience, expertise, or interest in advising customers on the risk and cost associated with Oracle software and services.
  • Are not interested in taking on the associated risk and touchy nature of Oracle audit defense.
  • Want to maintain a positive relationship with Oracle by staying out of potentially contentious negotiations.
  • Want to maintain visibility into your customers’ license, support, and subscription requirements.
  • Seek to ensure your embedding of Oracle software is properly sublicensed and supported.

Most of your customers and portfolio companies are already concerned about their relationship with Oracle. They may already be asking someone in your organization for help given the established and trusted relationship. Leaving these questions and requests unanswered, however, invites competitive threat from other members of Oracle’s eco-system.

Remend is pleased to be white labeled under our partners’ brands or operate via referral with flexible pricing and terms that will increase your profits. Partnered with Remend, you can offer a comprehensive set of services, making you the one-stop-shop for all things Oracle!

Partner With Remend

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