Oracle License Audit Defense

Remend wins Oracle license audits whether you’ve just received the dreaded notice or are already falling prey to the financial leverage of an outsized shortfall.

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License Audits Are Inevitable

If you run Oracle software, then you have implicitly agreed to play Oracle’s infamous audit game. Remend provides the tools, expertise, and confidence to mitigate risk prior to an audit, or dispute Oracle when policy-driven shortfalls eclipse value.

Remend Audit Defense Delivers the Following Value

Develop Defensible Positions

Have your own math on license compliance and argue against Oracle effectively.

Pay For Value

Understand where license shortfalls are legitimate and assess their commercial value.

Engage On Your Terms

Know the outcome you seek, plan the steps, and lead Oracle to your desired outcome.

Stand Your Ground

Push back on Oracle even during escalations to Oracle Legal.

License Audits Can Work to Your Advantage!

Remend’s countless interactions with Oracle GLAS (formerly LMS), Legal, and Sales demonstrate that audits are neither mysterious nor worthy of fear when properly managed. In fact, it is possible to turn the tables on Oracle and use the audit process to optimize total cost of ownership.

Oracle knows most companies are conflict-avoidant with strategic providers. In reality, all the major software publishers have a set of leverage points that empower incremental revenue in the absence of defensible value. You can mitigate most of your financial risk by focusing on these leverage points.

Remend delivers value by executing the following steps

Create an understandable license report by measuring usage against licensing.

Assess a shortfall within the context of your longer-term goals rather than set aside your goals to appease Oracle.

Create a negotiation strategy that integrates your terms, timing, and business goals.

Engage Oracle to drive towards the outcome you seek.

Let Remend Help

The truth is Remend considers the audit defense market akin to ambulance chasing. Nonetheless, we are good at it and customers need someone to keep—or put—Oracle in its cage. Our goal is to commoditize the audit defense market by pre-empting and overseeing formal license reviews. Remend Audit Defense is a small add-on to many of our other services. Audits can work to your advantage despite how they turn out for most companies.