Software License Management

Remend works to optimize costs, mitigate risks, and foster organizational integrity for enterprise software.

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Know – Not Wonder – If You Are Licensed Properly

Software license management is integral to the operational efficiency, legal compliance, and financial prudence of any organization. Properly managing software licenses ensures that organizations are neither under-licensed, which might expose them to legal liabilities and potential financial penalties, nor over-licensed, which could result in unnecessary expenditures.

Beyond the monetary aspects, effective license management upholds the organization’s reputation by preventing unintentional piracy and demonstrates a commitment to ethical practices. Additionally, understanding the software landscape through meticulous license management enables businesses to make informed decisions about software renewals, procurement, and deployment.

Remend License Management Delivers the Following Value

Defensible License Compliance

Licensing that properly aligns value with compliance policy and mitigates risk.

Trusted Partnership

License analysis conducted by an independent advisor under strict non-disclosure.

Focus on Business Outcomes

Operate without fear of the publisher’s aggressive sales and audit practices.

Planning and Budgeting

Purchase additional software on your timing.

Remend Audits Your Software Usage as the Publishers Do

With Remend, you can know—not wonder—what the software publisher will make of your compliance position and then act prior to facing an audit. Remend quantifies your actual usage, interprets contracts and policies, and educates you on a range of options to achieve compliance and then how to interact with the publisher.

Remend Delivers Value by Executing the Following Steps

Discover and analyze software installations by replicating the publisher’s audit practices.

Create an effective license position (ELP) by comparing usage with entitlement.

Advise on risk mitigation strategies that eliminate or minimize license shortfalls.

Assist with design, planning, and budgeting for any incremental license requirements.

Let Remend Help

In an era where software is at the core of countless processes, effective license management has become indispensable in optimizing costs, mitigating risks, and fostering organizational integrity.