Contract Negotiation

Remend negotiates market-leading terms on enterprise software from giants like Oracle, Microsoft and SAP.

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Remend combines technical expertise, business acumen, experience from hundreds of customer engagements, knowledge of suppliers’ internal operations, and confidence, to make market-leading deals.

Even the most seasoned procurement professionals can be misinformed, too close or even dis-incentived to properly assess and execute a market-leading outcome. This is especially problematic for Oracle, SAP and other perpetual software publishers given you must live with the outcome of commercial terms indefinitely.

Oracle Contract Negotiation Delivers the Following Value

Optimize Bills of Material

Decrease purchase volume by assessing the underlying technical assumptions.

Regain Control

Introduce competitive threats, control information flow and focus on your needs, not the publisher’s.

Reduce Long-term TCO

Lower total cost of ownership by spending money to save money when appropriate.

Sacrifice Nothing

Ensure long-term contractual flexibility is maintained alongside initial discounting.

Benefit From Broad Market Experience

Getting to Yes, Win-Win, 3-D Negotiation, Never Split the Difference, and other popular strategies make achieving a great deal seem readily available for anyone willing to read a book or take a class. While lack of knowledge is a challenge, the far greater deficit is the lack of experience, fortitude, and emotional clarity.

Remend Delivers Value by Executing the Following Steps

Advise on budgetary requirements and timing to achieve an optimal negotiated outcome.

Develop a negotiation strategy, including introduction of competitive alternatives.

Engage suppliers directly (or indirectly) while keeping customers informed of progress.

Finalize transactions by engaging both supplier and customer resources as necessary.

Let Remend Help

Enterprise publishers have mastered the emotional sale by convincing both its sales force and customers that discounting is the denominator of value. Customers often buy more than they may ever need, ahead of reasonably defined project plans, and under the pressure of the publisher’s quarter or year-end financial target.