Cloud Migration Planning

Remend extends its licensing and technical expertise to ensure customers migrate to the cloud in the most economical way possible.

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Migrate to the Cloud Under Your Timing and Terms

Companies running Oracle software are assessing the differences among Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (aka, OCI), AWS, Azure, and other cloud services. Whether to move to cloud is no longer the question; rather, when, how, and under what cost structure are the considerations.

Oracle is a relatively small player in general-purpose cloud computing at about 2% market share. That said, vast numbers of Oracle database, middleware, and ERP on-premise workloads are destined for cloud. Gartner predicts that Oracle’s cloud share will double if only due to these workloads being shoehorned into OCI.

If you intend to run Oracle over a longer term, then you can count on ending up in its cloud, at least as part of a hybrid-cloud strategy. Remend helps companies make this transition under their own terms, timing, and pricing.

Remend Cloud Migration Planning Delivers the Following Value

Assess On-Premise Value

Report on the residual value of on-premise, perpetual licensing and annual support fees.

Scope and Price Clouds

Architect, design, and create budgets for reputable options including OCI, AWS, and other cloud services.

Incent Competition

Go to market, including systems integrators and managed services providers.

Execute, Migrate, Operate

Negotiate market-leading contracts, embark on technical migration, and shift to cloud-centric operations.

Engage Remend for Oracle Expert Services

Remend understands the complexities of Oracle contracting, architectural design, and implementation. Adding Remend as a buffer between yourself and Oracle is especially important. Oracle’s goal is to secure and roll legacy fees into cloud subscriptions such that its revenues only increase even if locking you into paying for unused software. Your goal should be to optimize costs and create contractual flexibility.

Remend Delivers Value by Executing the Following Steps

Interrogate (pre)existing cost via Remend Spend Analysis to expose financial waste.

Conduct license and technical analysis of current-state on-premise environments.

Convert current-state deployments to the subscription and technical requirements of cloud.

Engage suppliers as necessary to assess solutions and increase competitive pressure.

Finalize purchases and manage ongoing relationship with Oracle.

Let Remend Help

Remend brings a strong sense for market trends and emerging technologies and tools within and outside of Oracle’s portfolio. This includes cloud architecture, hybrid on-premises / cloud designs, PaaS, IaaS, and the resulting large-scale move and improve projects. Additionally, Remend maintains rich partnerships with best-in-class systems integrators and managed service providers to ensure total cost of ownership is built into planning and budgeting.