Remend Protected Shared Savings Program

With Remend’s shared savings program, we collect fees only if we reduce your Oracle-related costs, and we stand behind our recommendations with vendor relationship management and license audit defense.

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Keep Saving Money on Oracle with Remend

Most companies experience Oracle as an ever-increasing line item in the IT budget. Attempts to reduce this cost have either proven futile or introduced risk deemed greater than the reward. Afterall, systems running Oracle are often mission-critical and Oracle’s business practices are widely regarded as aggressive at best and punitive at worst.

Remend Protected Shared Savings Delivers the Following Value

Pay If You Save

Pay service fees as a percent of savings and only if you save money.

Manage Risk

Choose from a range of strategies that balance risk and savings potential.

Negotiate From Strength

Rely on proven negotiation strategies specific to Oracle.

Protect Savings

Ensure savings are not relinquished later via Oracle’s aggressive sales and audit activities.

Remend Stands Behind Your Savings

Cost reduction is the most over-marketed benefit of IT products and services. It is one thing to promise and even deliver savings; it is another to stand behind those savings with services that remain involved to maintain lasting value. For Oracle, this requires insight into pricing, proper asset management, long-term planning, and fearless execution.

Remend Delivers Value by Executing the Following Steps

Identify shelfware and mitigate shortfalls by engaging Remend License Management.

Assess and integrate short, medium, and long-term plans by engaging Remend Solution Engineering.

Consider alternatives to Oracle by engaging Third-party Support Readiness.

Capitalize on savings by engaging Remend Contract Negotiation.

Protect savings by engaging Relationship Management.

Let Remend Help

Remend’s most consequential and successful engagements are the result of resetting customers’ expectations of what may be achieved. Oracle can be tamed. Annual software support fees may be reduced. The outsized effect of aggressive sales and audit practices may be minimized if not eliminated.