Java License Advisory

Remend dispels the myths surrounding Oracle’s unrelenting pursuit of licensing revenue from Java, which is deployed everywhere, used to be free, and is difficult to track.

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Java Support From Oracle is a Racket

NOTE: As of September, 2021, Oracle has returned to a no-fee license model for its commercial release of Java 17. Our FAQ addresses this.

Remend helps companies stop wasting valuable time agonizing over how much Java to subscribe for. The challenge is that Oracle embeds what amounts to spyware via an auto-updater on any machine running Java. Oracle analyzes the auto-updater activity, researches customers online, builds financial leverage, and ratchets up sales pressure in an audit-like fashion.

Companies running Oracle are used to this behavior. The uninitiated may not understand how Oracle gives its software away online and does not require license keys to install and use at any volume. Such is the case with Java, which originally came to Oracle via acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2009.

Remend Java Advisory Delivers the Following Value

Finalize Quickly

Reach a quick and defensible conclusion on how much Java to subscribe for.

Embrace Open Source

Assess and engage an OpenJDK support model where appropriate.

Ignore Oracle Sales

Force the pesky Oracle Java sales reps to leave you alone.

Reduce Subscription

Subscribe for less at annual renewal if already subscribed.

What Was Once Free Now Costs Something… Maybe

Java has been the most popular programming language and runtime environment since the mid-1990s. It is running everywhere, including in your company, and Oracle acquired it in 2009 via Sun Microsystems. It is nearly impossible to measure how much Java you should rightfully subscribe for.

Remend educates customers on why Oracle is unlikely to develop and/or execute an effective audit program for Java and how they should respond.

Remend Delivers Value by Executing the Following Steps

Analyze existing asset records to see where Java is running and at what versions and updates.

Review how Java is bundled with top applications and whether a subscription is required.

Assess alternatives to Oracle Java, specifically Azul.

Subscribe for Java from Oracle, if necessary, then defend this position as required.

Let Remend Help

The volume of Java subscription you choose is based on the honor system. Remend wouldn’t state this publicly if the vast majority of customers (at least that we meet) didn’t want to be good corporate citizens, who pay for value. Conversely, we can’t abide how Oracle is approaching the market and therefore bring a service.