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Remend manages your relationships with major publishers so you can focus on running your business.

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Don’t Let a Publisher Dictate Your Business Strategy

Major publishers can be difficult relationships to manage. First, enterprise software and services are complex, expensive, and mission critical. Second, software contracts are often perpetual so pricing and terms are set for decades, for better or worse. Finally, major publishers can build immense financial pressure over their customers via aggressive sales, confusing terms, and predatory audit practices.

In addition, all major publishers pursue vendor lock-in. It is no wonder that so few of our customers ask us to help Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and other publishers sell them more software. Maintaining a positive relationship with publishers requires specific asset management and procurement practices to match the unique features of each publisher.

Remend Managed Services Delivers the Following Value

Reduce Legacy Costs

Continually find and execute cost reduction opportunities.

Right-size Usage

Scrutinize solutions and pay market-leading rates for incremental purchases.

Face the Inevitable Audit

Prepare for–even welcome–the inevitable software license audit.

Act Strategically

Participate in brokered and scripted communication with Oracle if/when appropriate.

Managing Software Assets is Only Part of the Equation

Major publishers rely on entire ecosystems that are incented to keep customers implementing, upgrading, and paying more, year over year. Certain behaviors may be expected from the publisher, but it is less obvious when, how, and why consultants, service providers, and systems integrators are incented to preserve the publisher’s costly business practices.

Remend keeps not only the near-term in mind but also the longer-term strategy. In other words, Remend is free to ask where a customer wants to be on any timeline and then works to that end.

Remend Delivers Value by Executing the Following Steps

Find sub-optimized costs by combining commercial analysis with license management.

Execute savings strategies while gaining incremental value.

Align business requirements with existing or new services and solutions.

Engage publishers to secure market-leading terms and pricing.

Lead regularly scheduled team calls to keep goals on track.

Let Remend Help

Other managed services for license management focus on software assets without establishing a vendor engagement strategy. Remend takes managed services one step even further by engaging publishers directly on your behalf or holding the cue cards for customers to ensure the best outcomes.