How does AWS RDS On-Demand DB Instances (License Included) work for Oracle?

Short Answer

AWS License Included model is limited to Standard Edition on up to 16 vCPUs (per AWS instance) and prohibits proprietary hosting.

In-Depth Answer

Start here for a broader discussion of licensing Oracle in the cloud. AWS RDS is a managed service to which you may either bring your own licensing (a.k.a., BYOL) or opt to include the necessary Oracle license rights in the subscription with AWS.

AWS is quite clear on the matter in its Service Terms. Notably, you can only use these AWS instances for internal business operations.

For clarity, you may not use AWS RDS (License Included) instances for rental, timesharing, subscription services, hosting, or outsourcing.

While we’re on the topic, you must have an active support agreement with Oracle in the BYOL model of AWS RDS.

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