Quantity Annual Support
A PDF of these instructions is available here
  1. Find an annual software support contract or Excel file that contains data such as this.
  2. Note the Products, Metrics and (renewal) Prices for the line items you seek to analyze for effective discounting.
    • Ignore CSI# and the other columns for now.
  3. Search by Category to find the appropriate Product and Metric.
  4. Enter the appropriate Quantity and-annual support-Price.
    • This analysis requires USD so please convert from other currencies as necessary.
    • Don't worry about commas or dollar signs.
  5. Click ADD ROW to insert the line item based on selections and entries.
    • Click the trash can to delete the example rows.
  6. Once complete, click ARE YOU GETTING A GOOD DEAL? to expose effective discounting.
    • A valid email is required to proceed from this point.
  7. Color-coding denotes Remend's assessment of discount effectiveness:
    • GREEN represents a good deal.
    • YELLOW is questionable, depending on original license order volume.
    • RED represents poor discounting for which efforts to optimize are advisable.
    • In all cases, shelfware (un-used software) erodes discounting.
  8. Quantity and Price may be edited by clicking on the pencil icon for each row.
Don't hesitate to email us at with questions and comments.