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What about running Oracle Database in Microsoft Azure?

Short Answer

While Oracle software certainly runs in Azure, it seems rare based on our community of customers.

In-Depth Answer

Microsoft markets a set of Oracle solutions on its Oracle Overview page and Oracle includes Azure in its license policy for cloud. Like AWS, Azure is a near-infinite set of offerings, including support for Oracle Linux 6.x, 7.x, 8.x. And, since Oracle certifies its software on operating systems, not necessarily the underlying physical or virtual architecture, you may expect just about any Oracle software product to run in Azure.

What’s clear is that Microsoft does not offer anything equivalent to AWS RDS, either BYOL or License Included. It has in the past but chose to get out of the Oracle licensing business quickly thereafter.

A customer of ours recently asked about moving E-Business Suite to Azure and Microsoft could not readily produce referenceable customers. Let us know if you’re running a sizable, complex, production Oracle workload in Azure.

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