Oracle Presales Consulting

Remend combines technical expertise with license knowledge and negotiation support to ensure customers buy what they need at market-leading prices.

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Choose Oracle Solutions To Meet Your Unique Requirements

Companies running Oracle are under continual pressure to design complex and innovative solutions to address critical business requirements. Remend assists with the presales process by mapping current state to both on-premise and cloud solutions to ensure success while minimizing vendor lock-in policies. Even straight-forward architecture and design exercises must enable competing and changing priorities, and handle input from many internal and external collaborators and stakeholders.

Remend Solution Engineering services are designed to interpret technical concepts into their short, medium, and long-term cost implications. This is especially vital given Oracle’s policies and business practices that reduce long-term flexibility.

Remend Solution Engineering Delivers the Following Value

Leave The Past

Retire legacy operational costs when designing and implementing new solutions.

Operate Independently

Eliminate pressure resulting from Oracle’s aggressive sales and audit practices.

Develop Reputable Alternatives

Develop alternative solutions as a negotiation lever and to diminish internal status quo.

Understand Trends

Compare and contrast your plans with broader industry solutioning.

Keep Oracle In Check

Oracle has been overselling its solutions and securing annual maintenance fees for decades. Remend is often perceived to be rooting against Oracle even though we are prepared to assess, recommend, and defend its solutions when appropriate. But ultimately, Remend’s goal is to avoid unnecessary costs while reducing long-standing operational costs.

Remend Delivers Value by Executing the Following Steps

Interrogate (pre)existing cost via Remend Spend Analysis to expose financial waste.

Ensure alignment via our Remend Protected Shared Savings program.

Participate in regular team calls to understand and opine on budgetary implications.

Engage suppliers as necessary to assess solutions and increase competitive pressure.

Finalize purchases via Remend Contract Negotiation services.

Let Remend Help

Remend brings a strong sense for market trends and emerging technologies and tools within and outside of Oracle’s portfolio. This includes cloud architecture, hybrid on-premises / cloud designs, PaaS, IaaS, and the resulting large-scale move and improve projects. Additionally, Remend maintains rich partnerships with best-in-class systems integrators and managed service providers to ensure total cost of ownership is built into planning and budgeting.