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Remend Will Negotiate A Better Deal For Your Oracle Java Subscription

03rd Feb 2021

Do you have a Java subscription coming up for renewal?

Remend will negotiate a better deal—under no obligation—and only be paid if you save money. And if you capitalize on our advice, then Remend will defend you in an audit for the term of Java subscription. Mostly, the following maxim applies: if Oracle software were easy to track then people would buy less of it.

Consider the following regarding your Java subscription

  • First, Java has been the most popular programming language and runtime environment since the mid-1990s. It’s everywhere, including your company. And if you aren’t familiar with how Oracle does business, then let Remend introduce—rather, warn—you.
  • Second, Java was originally owned by Sun Microsystems and free until January 2019. While Java remains open-source, Oracle’s commercial version has required a subscription since the update released on April 16, 2019. Those around when Oracle acquired Sun (circa 2009) knew it was only a matter of time before Java would go from free to expensive. We at Remend are surprised it took Oracle this long.
  • Third, there are options to stay current on Java without paying Oracle, or at least to pay Oracle a lot less. Azul, for example, provides support for OpenJDK as RedHat does for Linux. Remend often recommends a hybrid model given the industry continues to respond to Oracle’s changes to the license model.
  • Finally, Oracle is tracking download activity and researching company size(s) to build financial leverage against customers. Thus, if you aren’t already approaching a renewal, then you are facing sales pressure that may feel like an audit. Remend knows how to make Oracle go away!

Schedule a call with us NOW before you renew your Java subscription.