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Remend Releases 2023 AI Self-Service Automation Report and Buyer’s Guide

31st Oct 2023

AI Voice and Self-service AutomationWe are proud to announce the Remend 2023 AI Self-Service Automation Report and Buyer’s Guide, available for purchase now. This report highlights the increasing adoption and beneficial influence of automated assistants and virtual agents that are becoming more widely adopted in business environments due to advancements in AI technology.

Remend’s report compares 70 conversational and generative AI service providers that provide both AI voice and AI digital self-service solutions. The service provider profiles were built from product demonstrations, RFI responses and interviews with key senior management around their view of the industry and their go-to-market strategies and vision. The authors also addressed trends in conversational and generative AI.

This Buyer’s Guide provides valuable, comparative information for businesses and developers seeking to implement AI-driven self-service capabilities into their business framework. The report includes aggregated service provider data divided into categories by types of AI implemented, infrastructure parameters and pricing models. An AI Self-Service Buyer’s Guide is also included.

Within the 2023 report, Remend named its 17 award winners. They were chosen based on their ratings for flexibility, product offerings, security and compliance, company strength in their field, and their go-to-market strategy and vision for future AI self-service automation solutions and software development. The top award winners are:

  • Best Stand-Alone AI Global Provider: YELLOW.AI
  • Best CCaaS and AI Stack Provider: Five9
  • Best Full Stack AI Provider: Vonage
  • Best Generative AI Product: Sprinklr
  • #1 AI Provider for Enterprise Customers: KORE.AI
  • #1 AI Provider for Mid-Market Customers: UJET
  • #1 AI Provider for SMB Customers: SESTEK

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