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Why Companies Trust Remend To Reduce Oracle Cost

21st Jan 2021

Remend is a ruthless Oracle cost reducer! We market against, and write about, Oracle’s profit model—the associated policies and business practices—because Oracle is a relentless cost increaser.

To reduce Oracle cost, inefficiency must be quantified

Whom do you trust to expose your overspend, calculate the savings opportunity, and reclaim the wasted money associated with running Oracle software?

One of Remend’s approaches is to reverse engineer legacy expenses as if going to market from scratch. For example, if you’re paying $10,450 to support a 10-year-old Processor of Enterprise Database, then you are paying list price for what Oracle would embrace $2,000 or less for today.

In addition, you’re likely paying support for shelfware, end-of-life installs, inapplicable metrics, among other things! These dynamics are the foundation of Oracle’s long-standing dominance: perpetual software, supported for decades, and burdened by lock-in policies.

Think of your Oracle contracts as the ancient layers of Troy, where every license order is built on the ruins of the prior. Someone must excavate!

It should be no surprise that Oracle is dis-incented to erode its own profit

But it’s less obvious when, how, and why consultants, service providers, systems integrators, third-party supporters, etc., are incented to preserve Oracle’s business practices.

Remend keeps not only the near-term in mind but also the longer-term strategy required to change course, perhaps a little at a time. In other words, we are free to ask where a customer wants/needs to be on any timeline and work to that end, engaging third parties for short durations. Most companies seek to make themselves the endgame rather than a chess move or two within the overall match.

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