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Six Things Remend Can Do For Oracle EBS Customers

28th Jan 2021

Remend specializes in licensing, user activity, and cost analysis of Oracle EBS. E-Business Suite—or simply EBS—is Oracle’s home-grown suite of business applications that over 14,000 companies in the U.S. run their businesses on. Like most ERP systems, it is often customized and complex, and therefore expensive and risk-laden to upgrade or replace.

Of course, if you’ve read this far, you already know what EBS is. What you most likely don’t understand is how to measure EBS usage and assess its value within your company. Only Remend evaluates EBS at the highest level of detail.

Six Things Remend can do for Oracle EBS Customers

1. Remend can answer whether what you are paying for EBS is reasonable.

After all, you are forced to live with a cost structure that someone else negotiated, perhaps decades ago. Maybe it’s a fantastic deal, especially compared to a modernization effort. Or maybe it’s twice or three times what it should be for all sorts of reasons that Remend will uncover.

2. Remend can report on whether legacy licensing remains appropriate or even applicable.

As with a decades-old cost structure, your licensing may be based on antiquated products, metrics, and quantities. Are they even applicable to your business? Were they ever? Or maybe your licensing is advantageous to preserve compared to the modern price list. Let us answer this for you!

3.  Remend can discern user access from value-based activity.

Most people don’t understand that Oracle requires users to be licensed whether they logon hundreds of times OR NEVER. Remender is the only SaaS platform that automates EBS user analysis, enabling customers to bundle, reorganize, and/or end-date user access based on responsibility-level auditing.

4. Remend can scope and price re-platforming to Cloud.

Most customers opt to re-platform EBS to cloud (OCI, AWS, even Azure) since customizations make migrating to Oracle SaaS a painful, years-long rip-and-replace exercise. Worse yet, Oracle demands customers pay for both legacy support and cloud subscriptions during the (re)implementation. Remend can measure the tech stack to properly size and configure cloud instances.

5. Remend can advise on alternatives to paying Oracle Support every year.

There are several options for companies seeking to reduce annual software support fees for EBS. Does third-party support make sense? How about canceling altogether and self-supporting? Or perhaps the business case exists to incent Oracle to lower your support price outright. Remend can assess all options and work with customers to make the right choice. Actually, it’s rarely a single choice; rather, it’s a set of choices that play out over years to achieve the desired end-state.

6. Remend can negotiate you back to Oracle Support.

Some companies decide to stay on Oracle EBS long-term after canceling support. Reinstating Oracle Support is much like negotiating a new contract insomuch as competitive analysis, quantifiable business planning, and timing are vital. Should you buy new and terminate legacy contracts; perhaps agree to a scale-up approach unavailable while actively supported? Remend knows that Oracle will seek to bring you back after you walk out the door.

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