Third Party Negotiation

Remend eliminates diminishing value and loss of contractual flexibility

The fundamentals of third party negotiation are to buy what you need, when you need it, when the supplier is prepared to meet your terms and budget requirements.

As straight-forward as this may seem, Oracle has mastered the emotional sale by convincing both its sales force and customers that effective discount is the denominator of value. Customers, therefore, typically buy more than they may ever need, ahead of reasonably defined project plans and under the pressure of quarter or year-end financial targets.

Procurement specialists implementing popular negotiation strategies such as Win-win, 3D, Getting to Yes, “pound the table”, etc., are inherently disadvantaged by their lack of technical expertise. As a result, companies simultaneously license for over-engineered systems while infracting on license policies that leave room for Oracle to build financial leverage within a license audit.


The result—especially over a long-term partnership with Oracle—is diminishing value and contractual flexibility.

Remend combines technical expertise, business acumen, experience from hundreds of customer engagements, knowledge of Oracle’s internal operations and confidence to make market-leading deals.