Oracle ULA Certification

Once you are within the term of a ULA, Remend can help you plan for certification as opposed to amending or extending.

Remend enables customers to maximize Unlimited License Agreements (ULAs) at certification by rightfully applying Oracle’s licensing policies advantageously.

Oracle pioneered the concept of pre-negotiated license and support fees in exchange for unlimited deployment rights with no true-up at the end. ULAs are pitched and sold by Oracle as an opportunity to gain the highest possible discounts on large volumes of software. To capitalize on this opportunity requires planning, timing and confidence to construct a defensible certification, including supporting evidence. 


Whether you are considering a ULA or already within the term of a ULA, we recommend planning for certification as opposed to amending or extending. Oracle’s treatment of ULA certifications as an audit often lead to an extension, including additional fees, rather than a maximized agreement. Certifications are not, in fact, an audit. Any customer within a ULA should plan to deploy in a manner that eliminates the need for incremental purchases of the same software for years to come. 

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