Drift Management

The most well-intentioned system admins and software asset managers fail to keep usage within entitlement.

Oracle’s long-standing business practice is to make its software permissive.

The original intent was to get the software into the hands of developers, unencumbered by license keys. The result? Ungoverned by any technical limitations, Oracle software may be installed and used at any capacity. The most well-intentioned system administrators and software asset managers fail to keep usage within entitlement.

Our customers are routinely surprised and frustrated by the inevitable license shortfalls this dynamic creates. The problem is actually worse than IT executives realize, however. Extra-cost options to Enterprise Database such as Advanced Compression are dozens of features, any one of which triggers a license requirement, even if used only once, perhaps by accident. Policies for high availability, disaster recovery and virtualization, combined with the ever-increasing core-count of processor chips, further exacerbates financial risk.

Remend refers to this problem as DRIFT.
  • DRIFT is the inevitable license shortfalls created by permissive software and the natural course of growth within IT environments.

  • Drift management is the periodic MEASURE of all Oracle-related application systems combined with education to ensure customers either remain within their entitlements or properly plan and budget for expansion.