Services That Cover Your
Entire Oracle Deployment

Including Cloud, Metrics, Subscriptions and ULAs


Running your business on Oracle requires long-term, strategic planning that integrates proper software asset management.

Remend understands that compliance audits, license certifications/verifications, risk mitigation, contentious negotiations and other such short-term, tactical services are necessary. We have been delivering these types of services for decades, including highly litigious disputes between Oracle and its customers.


If you are running Oracle, then adopting Oracle’s cloud is inevitable, albeit years away. Whether you are coerced or go on your own terms is up to you. Our goal is to enable the latter and commoditize the audit defense market along the way.

Remend Service Offerings

Remend covers your entire Oracle deployment including Cloud, enterprise metrics, subscriptions and ULAs.
  • Oracle Audit Defense
    Remend has the tools, expertise and confidence to dispute Oracle and its audit organization (LMS) when policy-driven shortfalls eclipse measurable and agreeable value.
  • Oracle ULA Certification
    Remend enables customers to maximize Unlimited License Agreements (ULAs) at certification by rightfully applying Oracle’s licensing policies advantageously.
  • Drift Management
    Remend helps manage drift, the inevitable license shortfalls created by permissive software and the natural course of growth within IT environments, so you remain within your entitlements and can properly plan and budget for expansion.
  • Third Party Negotiation
    Remend combines technical expertise, business acumen, experience from hundreds of customer engagements, knowledge of Oracle’s internal operations and confidence to make market-leading deals.