Third-party Maintenance for SAP

Remend helps organizations decide whether third-party maintenance from Rimini Street, Spinnaker Support, Support Revolution, and others is the right choice for SAP maintenance.

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Third-party maintenance providers enforce the same policies SAP and Oracle do to secure long-term maintenance revenue. While cutting maintenance fees in half or more immediately is financially compelling, organizations must assess this value proposition independent of both SAP and the third-party providers to ensure long-term savings.

Remend helps companies avoid signing up for what will eventually become the next over-priced incumbent while also mitigating the risk of IP infringement and punitive reaction by SAP.

Remend Third-party Maintenance Delivers the Following Value

Assess Viability of Third-party Maintenance

Consider all options to reduce just as much cost as third-party maintenance.

Compare/contrast All Providers

While Rimini Street pioneered the market, there are many other options.

Negotiate Properly with both SAP and Third-party Providers

Create competition and incent SAP to keep your business.

Prepare and Move to Third-party Maintenance

Ensure license compliance, including SAP’s stance on what is allowable with third-party maintenance

Why Engage Remend Before Talking to Third-party Maintenance Providers

Engaging Remend is especially important for SAP customers considering a replacement of their SAP solution, running old versions, are not yet fully committed to the S/4HANA journey, and/or are not making significant investments in their SAP systems and associated processes.

Organizations are at risk of IP infringement and breach of contract if the transition and ongoing access management is not maintained effectively.

SAP is becoming more aggressive with its audits.

SAP has recently started focusing on customers who no longer have an active maintenance agreement, with the aim to bring them back to SAP support.

Let Remend Help

Before contacting any third-party maintenance providers, engage Remend to assess and execute the optimal strategy to both reduce costs and mitigate IP infringement issues.