SAP Negotiation Strategy

Assess and execute market-leading licensing and contractual terms for your organization.

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Remend Negotiates with SAP to Achieve Optimal Outcomes

Remend’s experience in negotiations with SAP enables us to know what an optimal compliance and commercial position is based on the current state of your SAP environment. We can identify the best licensing and contractual terms for your organization, conduct price benchmarking, and help you negotiate with SAP to achieve the desired outcomes.

Remend Negotiation Strategy Delivers the Following Value

Optimize Bill of Materials

Decrease purchase volume by assessing underlying assumptions.

Regain Control

Introduce competitive threat, control the conversation, and focus on your needs, not SAP’s.

Reduce Long-term TCO

Consider both the short and long-term implications of license and maintenance cost.

Sacrifice Nothing

Ensure long-term contractual flexibility is maintained alongside initial discounting.

Let Remend Help

Remend knows how to balance SAP’s willingness with a customer’s determination to execute agreements that align value to cost. This alignment must be equitably struck to maintain long-term health between the customer and what is often its most important publisher partnership.