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Remend Launches New Product: Third-Party Support Readiness

22nd Apr 2021

Introducing Remend’s New Product: Third-Party Support Readiness

Remend, an industry leader in Oracle cost optimization, launches an innovative product that allows any enterprise, large or small, the ability to quickly uncover the true value of its annual Oracle software support payments.

Palo Alto, California, USA – (4.22.21) Remend, an independent software advisory firm based in the United States, is pleased to announce its new product: Third-Party Support Readiness.

Traditionally, the Oracle third-party support market argues that support payments are double what an organization should be paying. And while half-price is, of course, compelling and might be exactly accurate, how would an organization even know if third-party support or any other savings mechanism is attainable or advisable?

Remend’s goal is to empower everyone in an organization—from tech to exec—with compelling evidence that leaves no room for anecdotal or emotional appeals to simply “Keep paying Oracle”.

Alongside exposing poorly discounted software support, Remend’s new product, Third-Party Support Readiness, analyzes when and which patches & updates have been applied to Oracle’s marquee database product set. Remend then goes a step further to analyze how often and why customers are accessing Oracle Support for any reason whatsoever.

These cutting-edge analysis and reporting methods show the creation, upgrade, and patching history of every database in an organization’s environment.

Simply put, get Remend the data and this new product will format it any way an organization chooses. The math will then point in a strategic and actionable direction. Add Remend’s license advisory and audit defense products to the mix and the case for playing hardball with Oracle becomes palatable, if not obvious.

“Most organizations spend years working through theories on how or if third-party support can support their deployments without actionable data,” says Ed Tybursky, CEO of Remend. “In days, we can provide decision-makers concrete technical and financial evidence of how they are not only managing their environment but what is actually available to them.”

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This press release was originally published by ReleaseWire.