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Remend Launches New Product: Protected Shared Savings Program

20th May 2021

Introducing Remend’s New Product: Protected Shared Savings Program

Remend, an industry leader in Oracle cost optimization, launches its newest innovative product that combines no-risk cost reduction with long-term audit protection for Oracle software.

Palo Alto, California, USA – (5.20.21) Remend, an independent software advisory firm based in the United States, is pleased to announce its newest product: Protected Shared Savings Program.

Oracle customers understand that saving money on Oracle is exceedingly difficult. After all, Oracle’s innovations are not coded into its software but rather written into pricing models and policies that secure decades of annual fees. Even where savings are possible, customers fear Oracle’s ability to reach into the past and undo savings via aggressive sales and audit practices. Remend’s new Protected Shared Savings Program offers a direct solution to those pain points.

This new product combines discount analysis, months-to-minutes license assessment, third-party negotiation, and audit protection based on a no-risk fee structure where customers only pay if savings are secured. “We want to embolden our customers to execute on savings opportunities without fear or hesitation,” says Ed Tybursky, President & CEO of Remend.

Remend’s Protected Shared-Savings Program (a.k.a. gain-share, percent of savings, etc.) is a fee structure for services whereby invoicing is a percentage of the price reduction against an established baseline. While such commercial models aren’t new, Remend’s willingness to stand behind its work is.

Tybursky continues, “Our customers know quick-hit savings aren’t always the best play long term, so we back up high-value negotiated outcomes with Oracle audit defense.”

You can reach out to Remend now via its website or by emailing

This press release was originally published by ReleaseWire.