Remender FREE

Is a comprehensive financial reporting platform with the ability to quickly analyze a complete set of Oracle on-premise entitlements to realize the full license value of your Oracle investment on your terms.

Why should I care?

If you want to save money on Oracle software, then the first step is to conduct a purely commercial assessment of all your existing agreements. Isolating those agreements will enable you to understand and answer the following:

  • License Entitlements – What products, metrics and quantities do we have licensed?
  • Discounting – What annual support should be targeted for cost optimization?
  • Contractual Flexibility – How do the Oracle Technical Support Policies create vendor lock-in?
  • Product Categorization – What is the short/medium/long-term planning for Oracle?
  • Discovery Requirements – What approach/tools are required to audit our Oracle licensing?

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All Remender solutions leverage Remender Free software to automate the collection of all entitlements using Customer Support Identifier (CSI) information.  These include product categories, customer entitlements, renewal dates and pricing.

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