Getting Value from Your SAM Tool

While tools such as Flexera are capable, they rarely deliver as marketed and sold

Flexera, Snow and other ERP-esque software asset management (SAM) tools are growing in popularity.

They promise automated reporting on Oracle and all other major software publishers. These tools are purchased, asset managers are hired, multi-year project plans are drawn up, implementation and managed services providers are contracted, etc. Ultimately, hundreds of thousands—often millions—of dollars are committed, resulting in lofty expectations among IT executives of a fool-proof approach to software-related risk remediation and cost reduction.


If you are running Oracle, then adopting Oracle’s cloud is inevitable, albeit years away. Whether you are coerced or go on your own terms is up to you. Our goal is to enable the latter and commoditize the audit defense market along the way.

The Challenge?

While tools such as Flexera are capable, they rarely deliver as marketed and sold.

Rather, implementation missteps, lack of license knowledge, gaps in reporting (and the required supplementary tools), among many other dynamics, lead to output that is unactionable at best, deceiving and costly at worst. Further, tools vendors and customers alike mistake the LMS Verified Tools Program as supplanting it’s right to audit in favor of button-click reporting from a SAM tool.

This is where Remend comes in.

Remend offers Advisory Services to meet the following—often unrecognized—requirements:
  • An assessment of which Oracle products are discoverable by the SAM tool.
  • A “health check” on the reporting accuracy of the products that are discoverable.
  • Supplementary tools and analysis where the SAM tool is not adequately or accurately reporting.
  • Overview of Oracle LMS Verified Tools Program and how the SAM tool fits within.
  • Advice on how to respond to a formal Oracle LMS audit using the output of the SAM tool.
  • Knowledge transfer to SAM personnel of how to utilize the SAM tool for Oracle.
  • Advice on how to make the SAM tool (and the overall SAM program) add value to IT.

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