Return to Oracle from Third-Party Support

Remend helps organizations return to Oracle after engaging a third-party support provider such as Rimini Street, Spinnaker Support, or Support Revolution.

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Oracle Will Welcome You Back

Remend can create and defend a business case with Oracle to reinstate or re-license under attractive terms even when you have opted for third-party support. In fact, Remend often recommends third-party support as a temporary step, not necessarily a final destination. To that end, our Third-party Readiness service mitigates similar vendor lock-in policies used by both Oracle and the third-party provider to secure renewals.

There are a few reasons to return to Oracle Support. Perhaps plans to migrate away from Oracle never materialized. Was a major upgrade or license recapitalization always the plan? Perhaps it is necessary to upgrade or patch beyond what is available within the legacy archive. No matter the case, the underlying technical requirements and future-facing business strategies inevitably change such that returning to Oracle under optimized terms is advisable.

Remend Return to Oracle Delivers the Following Value

Modernize and Innovate

Implement newly-released products from Oracle and Oracle-dependent solutions.

Optimize Spend

Right-size license, support, and subscription fees based on actual usage and marketing-leading discounts.

Leave The Past Behind

Assess existing and future use cases as if a brand new customer of Oracle.

Mix/Match Support Models

Assess which product categories are best suited to remain with third-party Support.

License and Subscribe Under Optimal Terms

Remend bridges the gap between business goals and license, support, and subscription requirements. This allows customers to ensure a compliant, secure, and future-proofed Oracle environment. From a cost perspective, customers can mitigate Oracle’s policies that may have driven them to embrace third-party support to begin with, such as repricing, matching support levels, etc.

Remend Delivers Value by Executing the Following Steps

Analyze discovery data collected from scripts and asset management agents.

Interview stakeholders to integrate short, medium, and long-term planning and priorities.

Formulate an optimized license, support, and subscription bill of materials.

Align capital and operational budgets to optimize both immediate costs and long-term contractual flexibility.

Approach Oracle to initiate, negotiate, and execute new agreements.

Let Remend Help

The circumstances and savings that leads customers to engage third-party support inevitably changes over the years. Just as Remend is prepared to help customers consider and execute a third-party support strategy, we are also prepared to assist with a return to Oracle Support.