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What is Oracle’s policy for VMware?

Short Answer

Since CPU capacity can be changed fairly easily in VMware, there is no limit on software licenses required for any given server or cluster of servers.

In-Depth Answer

Horsesh*t, nonsense, bunk, laughable, the Oracle Partitioning Policy is infamously non-contractual with a non-sequitur connection to installed and/or running in the definition of the Processor metric.

Still, companies routinely fall prey to the shock and awe commercial outcome of Oracle audit practices that demand a scripted record of all physical ESX hosts, either managed within vCenters or sharing storage.

It’s accurate to suggest Oracle has no contractually-binding view of how to license its software in VMware. Oracle’s unwillingness to fight via litigation for its VMware policy was effectively settled in the well-publicized Mars audit.

Our approach is to license in good faith the compute capacity required in VMware to replicate Oracle’s solutions for high availability, disaster recovery, and systems management, including a few recommendations to isolate servers.. This means servers not running Oracle can and should be licensed given their value towards business continuity of Oracle workloads.

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