What is Oracle Lifetime Support?

Short Answer

Lifetime Support is the service level among Premier, Extended, and Sustaining a product falls into based on its age.

In-Depth Answer

Respective to Premier, Extended, and Sustaining, Oracle has tended to follow a five, three, and forever [years] schedule to support its products.

Major product versions are typically supported by Oracle under Premier Support for about five years for 22% of the original net license fee per year. Premier includes program updates, fixes, security alerts, critical patch updates, and access to break/fix assistance via Oracle’s support technicians.

After about five years, products enter Extended Support, which requires a 10 to 20 percent uplift on Premier to continue receiving the same level of service. While Extended Support is not required, customers opting out do not have access to patches written after Premier Support ended.

The default move from Premier is to Sustaining for those not seeking to pay additional fees. Sustaining Support is the mere access to patches written during Premier (or opted-in with Extended) and the ability to upgrade to a newer version. Sustaining Support either remains or returns (if Extended was purchased) to Premier pricing.

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