What is OCI – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Short Answer

OCI is Oracle’s compute, storage, and networking services, delivered under pay-as-you-go fees at a specified rate for services consumed.

In-Depth Answer

While OCI is the fifth ranking cloud provider, its market share is only 2% according to Avenga. Given the ubiquity of AWS and Azure, 31% and 20% market share respectively, perhaps the more appropriate question is who seriously considers OCI and why?

Remend believes Oracle-centric workloads will inevitably end up in OCI as the economics and technical innovations slowly favor cloud over on-premise hardware refreshes. Conversely, OCI is unlikely ever to serve the same general-purpose compute market as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Thus, companies with a long-standing and/or strategic commitment to Oracle use OCI. To that end, OCI is an iteration of Oracle technology akin to Real Application Clusters in the early to mid 2000s, Engineered Systems (i.e., Exadata), and Cloud@Customer more recently.

It’s important to mention Oracle’s ability to financially engineer its customers’ business decisions via pricing, licensing, and technical support policies. Oracle’s Processor metric covers twice the threads in OCI as in other clouds, see here. Of course, don’t forget Oracle’s infamous Audit-Bargain-Cloud audit practices where Oracle fails to sell on value and resorts to fear.

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