What is an Oracle CSI number?

Short Answer

An Oracle CSI (Customer Support Identifier) is a permanent, unique, numerical number assigned to the products and quantities within an original license agreement.

In-Depth Answer

Every time you license or purchase Oracle software, hardware, or cloud services, Oracle assigns a unique number to the associated products and quantities. CSIs are unique, sequential, and range up to eight digits, depending on age. Given Oracle software is licensed perpetually (i.e., forever), we routinely see five-digit CSI numbers originally created in the 1990s.

The line item detail associated with your CSI numbers represents most if not all of your entitlements. Thus, an Excel file with all your CSI detail is an effective source from which to assess your license inventory. A remarkable number of customers cannot find all their original license orders. The good news is that Oracle faithfully tracks your CSI data to ensure annual software support invoices go out.

You may download a full report of your CSIs using the following steps:

  1. Logon to the Oracle Support Renewal Center.
  2. Click Pending and History (tab)
  3. Click Create Report (button)
  4. Click Pending, History, and Future (check boxes)
  5. Click Detailed (radio button)
  6. Click Download Report (button)

Alternatively, you may call the renewal center at 1-888-545-4577. This Oracle call center tends to be staffed with friendly helpful agents. We’re happy to make this call with you since Remend offers a complementary service to analyze the resulting report. Come armed with the email addresses of anyone within your company receiving (and perhaps paying) the invoices for annual software support; Oracle tracks renewal contracts based on the primary customer contact.

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