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Should I add Microsoft Copilot to my EA?

Short Answer

Maybe – depending on your individual scenario

In-Depth Answer

Microsoft is pushing customers to buy Copilot through their Enterprise Agreements (EA) by discounting other products. In doing this, they are keeping Copilot prices at or near list price, which works to their benefit. Microsoft can then tout increasing adoption rates of Copilot to their customer base. 

Wallah! Shareholders, analysts and executives are happy. Story over. 

Not so fast, this may be great for marketing purposes, but it’s a sneaky method of driving adoption rates and inflating numbers.

Customers need to assess the implications of these additions, which may be made without a full understanding of future impact, before accepting Microsoft’s “generous” offers.

Remend can help you assess your current EA and how best to add Copilot to your EA for the best pricing and flexibility.

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