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Does Oracle run on Nutanix?

Short Answer

Yes. Nutanix runs Oracle software in both VMware and AHV, its own implementation of CentOS KVM.

In-Depth Answer

Start here if you seek to understand how Oracle is licensed on Nutanix AHV; here if running VMware on Nutanix.

While there is scant content regarding best practices, we have customers successfully running Oracle Enterprise Database and WebLogic in Nutanix AHV hosts. AHV is CentOS KVM with Nutanix extensions to enable VMware-like virtual motion, among other features. CentOS is fully compatible with its upstream source Red Hat. Oracle supports both, but begs companies to switch to Oracle Linux support.

In any case, Nutanix is clear on the matter. Nutanix parrots VMware’s assertions that Oracle certifies operating systems, not underlying hardware. If Oracle Support can’t fix your problem, and deems it might be due to something playing out beneath the certified operating system, then Nutanix seems pleased to take your call.

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