Getting Audited?

Don't Panic! Contact Remend if you’ve received the dreaded audit letter or face an unexpected and sizable license shortfall claim by a major publisher.

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You Did Not Intend To Use Unlicensed Software!

The vast majority of companies running enterprise software have no intention of stealing it. Nor is Remend interested in helping companies run unlicensed software. That said, license compliance is exceedingly difficult and Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, VMware, IBM, and other major publishers utilize audits to build undue financial leverage.

Such sentiments are no longer just theory for you because an auditor is either knocking at your door or has already extended a fear-inducing final audit report with “shock and awe” implications to the budget.

Remend Recommends the Following Immediate Steps

No communicating

Stop Communicating with the Publisher

Talk to Remend before (re)engaging, including verbally.

No evidence

Do Not Send Evidence

Do not send spreadsheets, script output, questionnaires, etc., before understanding the implications of doing so.

No lawyer

Do Not Overreact

Do not believe lawyering up and going to court is a viable option.

Two Truths About Enterprise Software

First, license compliance for most enterprise software is the honor system and you are empowered to determine the value of your software via shrewd negotiations. Remend is prepared to advise on the math and artwork of an honorable (i.e., defensible) license position as well as how much to spend.

Second, it is important to understand enterprise software’s distribution models. For example, Oracle software is posted online and readily downloadable by anyone, doesn’t require license keys, may be installed and used at any volume, doesn’t prompt when expensive options are (or are about to be) used, etc. Additionally, policy documents may be labeled “for educational purposes only”, but Oracle, SAP and others expect the guidelines within to be adhered to.

Let Remend Help

The best case scenario is that an audit results in cost reduction (not just avoidance) over a longer and more strategic view of your supplier relationships. This is not only possible, but probable, given a well-choreographed negotiation and license and support strategy.