An Oracle Software Industry Offering Satan for Less?

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There is an industry of Oracle software consultants and service providers we affectionately refer to as “Satan For Less”, assuming you consider Oracle’s aggressive business practices evil at full price. 

At Remend, we say this with tongue in cheek given that we offer audit defense services against big bad Oracle. Many of our customers hire us to put back—and keep—Oracle in its cage. 

While we are good at audit defense, we aspire not to piggy-back Oracle’s unsavory tactics to sell our services.

We at Remend are not in the business of helping customers steal valuable software from Oracle as easy as that is to do. Rather, we combine technical, contractual, and business experience to measure value. 

Of course, customers are free to ignore our math, but most CIOs are convinced of our assessment and our customers are incensed to demand reparations when we quantify Oracle’s fees as indefensible.

But like a petulant child, religious fanatic, or arrogant jerk, Oracle often refuses to honor this approach, demanding instead that customers hand over indeterminate script output, fall prey to its ambiguous policies, and buy software they don’t need for too much money.

For what it’s worth to our friends at Oracle, Remend’s goal is to help customers make the inevitable move to cloud, even Oracle Cloud

We know, as Oracle does, that AWS, Azure, and GCP are racing to the bottom for low-margin, fungible compute akin to cell phone services. Oracle has managed to keep its database product from becoming the commodity it deserves to be. Oracle Cloud, like Real Application Clusters (RAC) before it, is an extension of this premium.

Anyone doubting Oracle should bear in mind that customers rarely rip out and replace vital business systems.

Those that do take years, can’t sweep the floor of Oracle entirely, and end up beholden to another publisher’s flavor of lock-in. Customers often tell us they intend to get off Oracle. Few can or do, and thus, Oracle isn’t going anywhere.

In any case, Remend is here to answer a fundamental question for Oracle’s customers: What is the measurable value of Oracle to your organization? 

There is no easy way to answer this, which is perhaps why Oracle relies on its reputation as a bully to keep selling. 


If you are questioning how much you spend with Oracle, then call Remend! We will render an initial opinion for free and allow that to drive the next conversation.