3 Benefits of Remend Cloud Telephony and Contact Center

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Migrating from on-prem to cloud services like UCaaS or CCaaS isn’t as seamless or easy as you’ve been led to believe. Remend serves as the enterprises’ experienced advocate to ensure the best possible contract, costs and billing practices.

  1. Reduce spend while meeting your unique cloud service support strategy to only implement required on-prem to cloud migration components. Instead of continuing all on-premise elements, Remend identifies specific components and options recommending a vendor-independent cloud approach to fit both your today needs and growth options.

  2. Custom deployment and migration cost containment. Purchase only the required communication or call center services and discount or eliminate non-required or unwanted pieces. Remend offers advisory services with expertise including critical design and architecture considerations with a global deployment team experienced in getting you up and running faster.

  3. Real-time valuable metrics-based SAM insight to unravel complex cloud migration contracts. This approach helps businesses quickly settle cloud and on-prem usage audits for the lower original contracted amount or less. Remend service offerings save both time and money while protecting the customer’s IT investment.

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