3 Cost-savings Benefits of Remend Hybrid Cloud Onboarding

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A hybrid or MultiCloud strategy cuts across enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), or infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings. Moving on-premise resources including servers, storage, networking and data center operations to the cloud is complex. Building a scalable, cost-effective multi-cloud enterprise blueprint incorporating these IT resources is complex with a growing number of cost and usage challenges to consider. These challenges include the management of cloud capacity, performance and unique capabilities for competitive business differentiation.

To ensure a smooth transition to multiple cloud environments without undue time or expense, Remend offers a unique trusted advisor combination of measurement, cloud migration strategy and proven execution. Remend’s approach complements commercially available cloud management platforms (CMPs). CMPs do well in handling automation, security and cross-cloud integration demands of multicloud deployments and are forecast by Gartner to more than double by 2021 to more than 30 offerings.

3 Cost-savings Benefits of Remend Hybrid Cloud Onboarding

  1. Reduce maintenance spend while meeting all unique multi-cloud or hybrid cloud business support strategy. With Remend, enterprises only implement required cloud migration components. Instead of consuming the full menu of each cloud offering, Remend identifies specific IaaS and PaaS components and recommends a vendor-independent cloud approach including virtualization options.
  2. Custom hybrid cloud migration costs. Purchase only the required multi-cloud services and discount non-required pieces including shelfware. Remend offers a do it yourself audit script option (Remender Basic), additional limited advisory services with expertise including critical drift management and compliance reporting (Remender Pro) or superior Cloud onboarding, migration knowledge-base and expert-assisted software asset management (SAM) with professional services (Remender Enterprise).
  3. Focus on the most sought-after enterprise benefits of deploying a multi-cloud strategy including more diverse cloud options (59%), easier and faster disaster recovery (40%), and increased flexibility by allowing the spread of workloads across multiple clouds (38%).

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