3 Cost-savings Benefits of Remend Cloud Migration

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Cloud migration is not always a straight forward swap out of on-premises licenses. There are hidden and unexpected costs tied to software infrastructure, virtualization and platform requirements. Both business and technical teams are at risk due to poor cloud migration execution including the often-misunderstood contracts and Oracle licensing policies. Remend offers a unique trusted advisor combination of measurement, cloud migration strategy and proven execution.

  1. Reduce maintenance spend while meeting your unique multi-cloud business support strategy. With Remend, enterprises only implement any required Oracle on-prem to cloud migration components. Instead of consuming all SOAR elements, Remend identifies specific IaaS and PaaS components and recommends a vendor-independent cloud approach including virtualization options.
  2. Customized cloud migration costs. Purchase only the required Oracle cloud pieces and discount non-required pieces including shelfware. Remend offers a do it yourself audit script option (Remender Basic), expert-assisted Oracle software asset management (SAM) professional services (Remender Pro) adding compliance position and quarterly drift management and finally a complete managed service adding recommendation, negotiation and audit defense (Remender Enterprise).
  3. Provide valuable metrics-based SAM insight to unravel Oracle License Management Service (LMS) audits. This approach helps businesses quickly settle LMS audits for the lower original contracted amount or less. Remend service offerings save both time and money while protecting the customer’s IT investment.

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