6 Ways Remend helps Oracle customers easily transition to the cloud

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Oracle cloud migration is an important reality for most enterprises today in nearly every vertical industry. Unfortunately, cloud migration is not always a straight forward swap out of on premises licenses. To ensure a smooth transition to the cloud without undue time or expense, Remend offers a unique trusted advisor combination of measurement, cloud migration strategy and proven execution.

  1. Create and execute a realistic, measurable cost baseline for customer’s inevitable move to Oracle and non-Oracle cloud. Remender software and services automate the gathering, documentation and translation of all assets.
  2. Aggressively drive down time and effort requirements for Oracle compliance software audits from months to minutes and remove the threat of an LMS SaaS audit.
  3. Measure Oracle and any other SaaS contract management infrastructure to mitigate entitlement numbers, lower cost and burdensome time involved in Oracle software usage.
  4. Execute the larger, strategic business issue of complete infrastructure and platform migration to every business cloud.
  5. Document IT and Database Administrator (DBA) persona needs through detailed analytics and a powerful SAM to purchase only the cloud components your business requires.
  6. Precise procurement deployments for every business level including Remender in MSP offerings.

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