virtualization benefits

unique efficiencies and capabilities only possible in a virtual environment

Virtualization collapses the enterprise IT stack including storage devices, network resources, operating systems, and even virtualized hardware platforms.

The primary catalyst of virtualization is to simplify enterprise staff and operational costs as well as gain business efficiencies through cloud migration.  Running multiple operating systems and apps on a common virtualized server instance does offer savings.

But what about the predictable failsafe dependencies of former on-prem IT?  Can virtualization offer high-availability to guard against system failures?  Do virtualization benefits include helping enterprises achieve and maintain industry-specific compliance by streamlining and secure data transfer?  The short answer to all these questions is “it depends.”

Enterprises are increasingly virtualizing data and server instances as they move towards integrating or uploading it to a cloud service. The key takeaway from cloud and virtualization projects is that IT, database administrators and CIOs don’t waste time recovering crashed, application processes, business workflow or corrupted devices.

Virtualization Benefits
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