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Cloud Operations

Enterprises are expediting their movement of operations, on-premise software and business process to the cloud. The unique combination of all three elements represents a generation opportunity but also a financial risk-reward challenge.

Without Remend’s 360-degree visibility, enterprise business buyers and technical users face untold risk by overlooking costly migration agreements, service contracts and wasteful long-term software obligations. This approach is useful for direct Enterprise Cloud purchases as well as Managed Cloud Service Providers (MSPs) who ensure enterprise end users a scalable business to streamline information flow, process control and communication.


Business and Finance

By measuring the complete Cloud Purchase and Deployment Lifecycle – scripting to full-fledged managed service offering – Remend’s products scale the enterprise’s complete Cloud Deployment Lifecycle.  Through Hands-on expertise and 3rd Party Customer validation customers gain proven Cloud Operation deep domain knowledge to help guide complicated and aggressive negotiations that are often riddled with threatening overtones.  The Remender solution sets offers every customer persona proven value and tangible ROI including a mature Software Asset Management (SAM) strategy and program to help organizations save 30% or more of their annual spend while realizing millions in cost avoidance by optimizing software licenses, improving contract negotiations as well as eliminating audit penalties.

Technical Database Administrators

Database Administrators (DBAs) and systems administrators are often the end-consumers responsible for managing and monitoring complex data warehouses, production OLTP systems, valuable customer information, and online commerce. Remend empowers DBAs to strategically plan and execute costly license and subscription contracts.


All Remender solutions leverage Remender Free software to curate the collection of all entitlements using Customer Support Identifier (CSI) information. These include product categories, customer entitlements, renewal dates and pricing.

This automation engine delivers powerful intelligence to predictably identify and deliver cloud purchasing outcomes that offer technical IT leaders expense predictability. Remend offers technical enterprise leaders detailed CSI analytics and a powerful software asset management (SAM) dashboard to visual enterprise cloud, infrastructure and software usage.

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